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Activated charcoal… Is it good for you?

Activated charcoal has been gaining popularity in recent years. It’s a carbon that’s been treated with oxygen resulting in a fine black powder.

It has been included in beauty products and in juices. It’s a fine powder that comes from charred shell of coconut. It’s said to detoxify the skin and body. It’s been the latest health trend and drinking of juice that include the charcoal say that you can’t taste it. It’d given to victims of drug overdose to detox. But some argue that the charcoal may remove things that are good as well. Check out the latest news in this video:

When used on the face such as in a facial mask, it can draw oils and dirt and other impurities that are hiding on pores. If mixed with other natural ingredients such as tea tree oil and free clay.


Tips for Improving Your Health

Your body is a shell which sticks with you from birth to death. You can have friends and a family but the only thing that goes the long distance is your body. With high stress and a busy lifestyle, it is easier to fall back, to be too engrossed in your work and forget to drink that healthy glass of water or to fulfill that long forgotten promise of a jog and a trip to the gym.

The only thing needed for an improved state of health is discipline combined with a few friendly tips.

(i) Workout : Half an hour to maintain and an hour to lose – weight that is And across all possible workout routines, the best is a combination of cardiovascular exercises and strength training exercises.Cardio helps you lose weight while strength training helps in building the lose’ muscles, toning them.

(ii) Water : Approximately 7-8 glasses, or 2 liters every day. If you do not remember or, are engrossed in your work, set timers for – morning after waking up, half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner, & half an hour after breakfast, lunch and dinner. For profound accuracy, there are mobile apps available which calculate your water needs according to your weight and height, and also ring out friendly reminders at the appropriate time – What a wonderful caretaker.

(iii) Food : A major part of healthy body is what goes inside and gets absorbed. Plan your foods to be rich in protein, good fibers and healthier fats like omega-3. 100 grams of cinnamon raisin bagel has 274 calories – Google will tell you With easier information access all around u, all you need to do is chalk out a weekend and chart out the balanced dietary intake plans for the entire week according to your body. Go browsing or, visit your doctor.

(iv) Sleep : Though researchers haven’t been able to determine the factor that causes us to sleep, they sure have found how much sleep we need. As we grow older, we need lesser and lesser sleep. A baby needs 15 hours of sleep while a 60 year old needs only 4. An adult getting lesser than 7 hours of a good night sleep has mood swings and difficulty in concentrating.

(v) Discipline : We all have 24 hours a day. What determines how productive the day has been is distribution of work to be done. Like for anything else, improvement in health can be achieved with disciplined routine, which is ironically said to be the hardest to achieve. Set hours apart for your health. Set an hour in the morning to walk or jog – wake up early. Set alarms or reminders in your phones for water intake. Set up a dietary schedule – eat timely and eat healthy. It will all become a habit and you won’t even notice. A break in this habit will only cause annoyance which will then cause you to stick to it.

5 tips for improving your health, on your five fingers. Keep your health on your palm and retain it in the iron fist.


How Much Calories Should You Eat

How much calories should you eat is a question that a lot of people wonder about, especially when they are looking to lose weight. In order to determine the amount of calories that you are supposed to eat a day, you need to tie this to what you are hoping to achieve, whether it be to lose weight, to maintain the weight that you are currently on now or to gain weight. The calories you should eat depend on your age, your activity levels and your gender. To get started on the calories that you should be eating, you should determine your daily calorie limit. You can do this by doing a simple calculation, that takes into account your age, gender and activity levels. There are a lot of calorie calculators that you can use to determine your calorie intake.

Once you know how much calories your body needs, you can make decisions about what you want to do. If your goal is to lose weight, then you need to make sure that you burn more than the calories that you eat a day. If your goal is to maintain your weight, then what you eat should be more or less the calories that you burn. If your goal is to gain weight however, then you need to make sure that the calories that you consume exceed those that you burn. We all know that the metabolism dwindles as we get older, and our calorie burning capability is not as good as it was when we were younger. Therefore there is nothing much you can do about your age.

The same applies to your gender. Men tend to burn more calories than women, and the areas where excess food or fat sits on men is different than where it sits with women. The only thing that you can control is the food that you eat, the calories you consume and your activity levels. Once you know how many calories you can eat, then you decide on a plan of action for what you want to achieve. If weight loss is what you want, you will have to monitor the foods you eat. This means from the second you wake up all the way to bed time, and don’t forget to consider the snacks that you eat throughout the day.

Losing weight means you will have to eat less calories than you are eating currently, and you will have to do some exercise. Start being conscious about the foods you eat and how much calories they have If losing weight is important to you, then you will have to think about making lifestyle changes, like eating healthier foods to lose some weight. The first step in knowing how many calories you should eat starts with using a daily calorie calculator to find out the calories you need for your body. Those that are active will burn more calories than those that are not